Yoga Improves Eyesight | How to improve your eyesight doing yoga?

Yoga Improves EyesightYoga Improves Eyesight

On behalf vision therapy of the therapy of vision problems, you can go through the route of YOGA. It is effective even during the cases where all other measures fail. Ancient Eastern culture (using yoga asanas) has provided us with various techniques to get better human eyesight; a few of which include relaxing, vision therapy pranayam, cleansing, eye muscle exercises, meditation, and mental vision.The most important key to increase your vision is to keep yourself relaxed lacking any mental strain, but there are particular yoga exercises too.


(1) primary of all, you should sit upright keeping your eyes open.
(2) Look at a point straight to your nose in front of you and then look at a point on the floor, vision therapy but do not move your head. Without moving your head, roll your eyes upwards and downwards at least four times. Blink your eyes quickly after the completion of this work out.
(3) Now roll your eyes sideways, vision therapy i.E., left and right. Blink your eyes quickly after this too.
(4) Now roll your eyes diagonally upwards and downwards. Blink your eyes quickly again.
(5) after that close your eyes for some time.
(6) After vision therapy one week of this work out, roll your eyes in a circular way like, top, right, down, left, etc.

Yoga Improves Eyesight. Complete this for one month and notice the results.

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